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... is located in Switzerland at the border of Upper Engadin and Bergell in one of the most beautiful landscapes  of the world. Engadin is usually famous for its expensive five-star hotels of St. Moritz or Pontresina. Salecina is quite different from those luxury accommodations, because even though it has not been awarded stars, here you can watch millions of them in the clear and unpolluted sky.

Salecina has its own sense of luxury. The 300 year old house is a self-managed centre for holidays and courses. The guests decide on the amount and the kind of luxury they wish to have, be it the service, the gastronomy or the entertainment programme.

This house is available to those eager for travel and education, to those engaged in social issues, to young and old, to those travelling alone as well as families or groups. It is a unique place for meetings and discussions.